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Ini3 Digital Public Company Limited is a leading online game service provider in Thailand since 2004. As true pioneers, we are the first Thai company to use and popularize the "Free to Play" model service and the first to launch web-browser based games in the Thai online games industry. Our passion is to provide joy and happiness to customers through our well selected games for all genre, quality service, international standard technologies and experienced management.

We are dedicated to create an online social community into a virtual world where players have great friendship and share their happiness with each other. With continuous development, we are devoted to deliver new methods of joy through technology and modernized equipment, which we are expanding to provide service in neighboring regions because we believe that the virtual world is an endless border ,as game is a universal language.

Over 10 years expertise in gaming business,

coupled with management experience in online gaming business.

Corporate Identity Concept
1 2 3...Game Time!

A world where people connect is us. The place which everyone starts together from the meaning of Ini3. "I" represents to one in Chinese, "ni" represents to two in Japanese, "3" represents to three in English. With all these words, they symbolize the company is always ready to start up, and mean the time for fun to all users. Chinese, Japanese and English are the main languages in the world which we proud to present as international company. 3 colors in logo which start with blue, green and orange stand for various definitions giving to users. Dark blue is knowledge. Green is friendship. Orange is joyfulness. Users surely obtain them through Ini3's world.

  • Ini3 Digital Co., Ltd. established as an online game service provider
  • Launched "Flyff" under the slogan "We want to see Thais fly". It is one of the first MMORPG genre in Thailand that was available for more than 10 years.
  • Launched "Pangya", a fantasy golf sports game that was widely popular in a short time. Within the first 6 months, Pangya had up to 1 million members and it is considered one of Thailand's most successful Casual game to date. Pangya is also the first online game in Thailand to change the service system from "Subscription" to "Item Selling".
  • Launched "Yogurting"
  • Launched "Fanta Tennis", the only online tennis game in Thailand where Ini3 played a role in development.
  • Launched "Pucca Racing", with famous Pucca characters racing cars.
  • Launched "Black Rogue", another successful MMORPG game with stunning visuals and addictive story.
  • Increased capital from 50 million Baht to 62 million Baht.
  • Launched "War2", a highly popular strategy planning game and the first Web Browser based game in Thailand.
  • Launched "Boomz", the best curved trajectory shooting game in Thailand, highly popular, even till present day.
  • Launched "IL Soulbringer"
  • Launched "3 Kingdoms 2", a MMORPG game that was highly favored for a some time.
  • Launched "Cooking Papa", a restaurant management game that uses actual menus and landmarks in Bangkok.
  • Launched "War Story"
  • Launched "Club Mstar", a music composition game which uses songs, costumes and choreography from actual artists. It is one of the most realistic music composition game and widely popular.
  • Launched "Ministry of War", another strategy planning game, a fan favorite.
  • Launched "Continent of the Ninth", also known as C9, which had won the Best Online Game of the Year in South Korea 2010 ( Korea Game Awards). After launching in Thailand, C9 won the Most Awaited Award in 2012 in the Thailand Game Awards 2012. Therefore, launching in Thailand received great reception from the Thai players.
  • Increased capital from 62 million Baht to 86 million Baht and then to 100 million Baht respectively.
  • Launched "GranAge", a fun side-scrolling genre game.
  • Launched "Premier League Live"
  • Launched "3 Kingdoms Puzzle Quest"
  • Launched "Divine Warriors"
  • Launched "Three Kingdoms"
  • Launched "War Emblem II"
  • Launched "Divosaga Plus"
  • Launched "Epic Monster"
  • Officially changed company name from "Ini3 Digital Limited Company" into "Ini3 Digital Public Limited Company"
  • Launched Touch Online
  • SoftBank Ventures Korea has invested in Ini3 to leap forward to SEA Market!
  • Launched Rhythm N Joy
  • Launched Pirate Force
  • Launched Combo Cat
  • Launched Kungfu Fighting
  • Launched GunZ2
  • Launched Shadow of Eclipse
  • Launched AOD
  • Launched มังกรหยก Frontier 2015
  • Launched Hearthstone Thai version
  • Launched 3ก๊ก Heroes
  • Launched Return of the one Thai version
  • Game Mag An online Game with most activities compare with the industry.
  • Manager Online Pangya was voted the best casual game for the year 2005
  • The 23rd Most Visited Website from Truehits.net
  • Games Best The most popular online game for year 2006
  • Best Female Character from COMPGAMER Awards
  • Mega Game The best online service provider
  • The 29th Most Visited Website from Truehits.net
  • Best Partner of Hanbitsoft contribution to PANGYA from 2005-2008
  • Most Popular Female Character from COMPGAMER Awards
  • Best Official Game Site 2009 from Thailand Game Awards of Future Gamer on BIG Fest'
  • Best Game Publisher 2009 from Thailand Game Awards of Future Gamer on BIG Fest'
  • Most Popular Female Character from COMPGAMER Awards
  • Most Popular Male Character from COMPGAMER Awards
  • Most Popular Casual Online Game from COMPGAMER Awards
  • Best Game Community from Thailand Game Awards
  • Highest Potential International Partner Ini3 Digital Co.,Ltd by Snail
  • Most Popular Female Character from COMPGAMER Awards in Thailand Game Show
  • Most Popular Male Character from COMPGAMER Awards in Thailand Game Show
  • Most Anticipated Game of 2012 from Thailand Game Award (TGA) 2012
  • Thailand Game Prizes of GM from Thailand Game Show 6th on 13th to 15th January 2012
  • Best corporate social responsibility

 Ini3   is a leading game publisher in online game industry. We are happy to provide service to every customer.

 Ini3   is continuously developing the "i3Play" application, with the objective to become the best of mobile game publishers in Thailand.

 Ini3   gives priority to quality in service, in order to keep our customers satisfied and happy.

 Ini3   creates a commendable community. It is our belief that games can be the origin of many skill development, that can also be used in everyday lives.


Only the best people for the best players


Innovation, trendsetters and quality products

"My world, my game"

myGAME was created to be another dimension in the world of online game in order for users to enjoy unlimited freedom with many styles of Ini3's games, whether it is MMORPG fighting games, casual cute games, or web based games that do not require complicated download. Users can play the games immediately. The concept of myGAME is easy subscription, easy download, easy access, and only requires one ID!!!


"Just play easily only one-click !!"

i3Play is the first and best application in the mobile game industry in Thailand. With a large number of channels of services, i3Play is extremely functional and convenient. Furthermore, i3Play's games consists of a large variation of genres, always in trend with the most popular genres of the time. Users can freely play anytime and anywhere, easily in one click.


"Whole Hearted Service"

Our qualified team is ready to serve and answer every customer's questions genuinely. ´Convenient´ ´Fast´ ´Prompt´. Our very own GM's will advise and be your consultant for every problem with regards to Ini3´s games. We strictly follow our policies of service and our team will provide close attention to your problems as if you are one of our own families. Your happiness is ours.

Call : 0-2-687-2777 , Time : 10.00 am. - 7.00 pm.

"The best service for internet café operators"

Internet Cafes may install Ini3's hit games free of charge and no royalty fees involved!! Ini3 also has many activities and promotional events for internet cafes to participate in.



With global leading partners, we offer only quality contents


Return happiness to society

Director's Message

Ini3 We Care passes joy and happiness from gamers to the under privileged Thai youth, to forge the gaming community into a community of sharing. Love and friendship does not only exist in the world of games.

Pattera Apithanakoon

Chief Executive Officer

We Care would like to return happiness to society. We intend to be a part of aiding all Thai gamers to care for nature and society.


We would love to hear from you!!

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